This prospective randomised study evaluated the effect of amniotic membrane (AM) in reducing inflammation, fibrosis, adhesion formation and ocular movement restrictions following strabismus surgery. This study used 22 rabbits: all with superior rectus recession in both eyes with AM placed in the right eye only. Dynamometer tests were undertaken at 15 days post-surgery in 17 rabbits after which the rabbits were killed and orbits exenterated. The same was undertaken for five rabbits but at 30 days post-surgery. At 15 days post-surgery, inflammation levels of eyes with AM were statistically greater than eyes without AM and fibrosis levels were lower for eyes with AM. At 30 days post-surgery, inflammation levels were statistically greater and fibrosis levels lower. At 15 days, dynamometer tests showed that greater force was needed to displace eyes without AM. This was not significant at 30 days. Further study is required to confirm the increased inflammatory response due to use of human AM in rabbits. 

Amniotic membrane for reducing the formation of adhesions in strabismus surgery: experimental study in rabbits.
Kirsch D, Lowen MS, Cronemberger MF, Sato EH.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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