This prospective comparative study compared outcomes of live related limbal allograft (Lr-CLAL) versus cadaveric keratolimbal allograft (KLAL) in limbal stem cell deficiency secondary to ocular burns. Twenty patients were randomly allocated into each group. The Lr-CLAL group had a significant decrease in conjunctivalisation, improved tear break up time and increase in Schirmer’s values at six month follow-up. Three eyes had either persistence or increase in conjunctivalisation after three months in the Lr-CLAL group, compared to eight eyes in the KLAL group. There were no intraoperative complications. Significant visual improvement was seen in 8/10 patients in the Lr-CLAL group and 5/10 in the KLAL group. There was a statistically significant difference between the two groups at six months follow-up. Corneal clarity was better maintained in the Lr-CLAL group. This study suggests that live related allograft may provide better visual and anatomical outcomes than keratolimbal allograft for management of limbal stem cell failure secondary to chemical or thermal burns.

Live related versus cadaveric limbal allograft in limbal stem cell deficiency.
Titiyal J, Sharma N, Agarwal A, et al.
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Saruban Pasu

Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, UK.

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