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The authors present the findings of a cross-sectional study in 11 seniors’ community centres. Eleven community centres were screened with a total of 281 participants. A third of participants with gradable images were in normal retinal health (32%).The most common retinal finding was ge-related macular degeneration (AMD) (24.5%) followed by changes due to myopia (15%). Of all participants with any AMD, most had early (n=24, 47%) or intermediate AMD. Any late AMD (n=6) was present in 3% of the overall sample and 12% of those with AMD. Three times more women than men were affected by any AMD (13 men (26%) and 38 women (75%)). Outstandingly, the study found a low awareness of AMD in the elderly already affected by the disease. The reasons could be that the early stages of the disease may be insidious, also awareness of eye disease, or any other diseases, depends amongst other things on the access and quality of the regional eye healthcare provided. It is suggested that eye health awareness campaigns, either general or more targeted towards AMD, are needed in order to improve healthcare seeking and preventing behaviours where indicated. Eye health needs to be integrated into public health agendas for the elderly. 

Awareness of age-related macular degeneration in community-dwelling elderly persons in Germany.
Heinemann M, Welker SG, Li JQ, et al.
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Patty Mopamboli Mboli

Mzuzu Central Hospital, Mzuzu, Malawi.

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