The authors aimed to identify common postoperative policies among AAPOS members to enable strabismus surgeons to compare their practices with those of colleagues. A survey was circulated which contained 12 multi-choice questions. One hundred and eight responses were received, of which six were excluded. Responses included the following: 96% routinely performed strabismus surgery – 86% in the US and Canada, 14% international: 75% had been in practice for >10 years; 53% had paediatric practices in private offices, 27% in academic centres and 21% in combined practice types. Half stated they allow normal showering or bathing on the first day after surgery; 52% allow return to education after three to four days; 47% advise restraint from sandbox play for at least two weeks – 44% for one week; 43% indicate a wait of one week before physical sports activity; 56% advocate a wait of two weeks before swimming and 47% advise a wait of two weeks before using contact lenses.

Instructions to patients and families following strabismus surgery.
Doton G, Qureshi HM, Nelson LB.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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