The article describes a patient with mucous membrane pemphigoid and a Boston type 2 Kpro. In the early postoperative period (one week) inferior skin retraction was noted with exposure of the Kpro and carrier cornea. The exposure was managed by fashioning a disc of porous polyethylene to surround the Kpro optic. This disc was positioned under the surrounding eyelid tissue which was advanced around the optic using a purse string suture. The intervention was successful with no further treatment of the exposure required at two years follow-up. The technique is appealing due to the immediate visual recovery and lack of any donor site morbidity.

Use of a porous polyethylene lid spacer for management of eyelid retraction in patients with Boston type 2 keratoprosthesis.
Sivaraman KR, Aakula VK, Sajja K, et al.
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Konal Saha

Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, UK.

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