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The authors present a systematic review with the aim of assessing the relationship between retinal and cerebral changes in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), mild cognitive impairment and pre-clinical AD. A total of 23 articles met the inclusion criteria of the review, all of which were observational studies. The types of neuroimaging and retinal imaging varied across studies. However, the majority of included studies support the relationship between retinal and cerebral changes. Retinal nerve fibre layer thinning and chroidal thickness are associated with reduced cerebral cortical volume, increased white matter intensities and Aβ deposition. The authors highlight heterogenous populations within the included studies and different study methodologies as possible reasons for the discrepancies in findings. Further longitudinal research is required which combines neuro and retinal imaging, including all stages of AD to establish potential retinal biomarkers for AD.

Retinal neurodegeneration measured with optical coherence tomography and neuroimaging in Alzheimer disease: a systematic review.
Carazo-Barrios L, Cabrera-Maestre A, Alba-Linero C, et al.
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Lauren R Hepworth

University of Liverpool; Honorary Stroke Specialist Clinical Orthoptist, Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust; St Helen’s and Knowsley NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

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