The authors describe the outcomes of 173 primary Dermis Fat Grafts (DFGs) and 66 secondary DFGs. Median follow-up for the primary group was 21.5 months and 14 months for the secondary group. Outcome measures included: prosthesis motility, prosthesis fit, patient / parent satisfaction and complications. After primary DFG motility was deemed excellent in 76%, patient satisfaction was excellent in 83% and prosthetic fitting excellent in 81%. After secondary DFG these results fell to: 34%, 57% and 49% respectively. The most common major complication following primary or secondary DFG was graft atrophy (3.5% after primary and 6.1% after secondary). The authors conclude that DFG is a useful option for augmenting orbital volume. The technique 
may have significant benefit in areas where allograft implants are not available or where implant infection may be a significant risk.

Dermis fat grafts as primary and secondary orbital implants.
Nentwich MM, Schebitz-Walter K, Hirneiss C, Hintschich C.
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Konal Saha

Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead, UK.

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