The authors describe the efficacy and safety of superior oblique (SO) hang-back recession with A pattern strabismus and SO overaction. A pattern was defined as a difference of >10PD from elevation to depression. SO overaction was graded as +1 to +4 based on the vertical angle of the affected eye on tertiary gaze. The study reported three cases of A eso and 28 of A exo. Mean preoperative angle was 27.58±11.46 reducing to a mean postoperative angle of 3.48±3.70. A pattern was fully corrected in 93.5% of cases; two cases had residual A patterns of 10PD. The mean corrected A pattern was 24.10±10.31PD. Mean preoperative SO overaction was +3.05±0.80 reducing to +0.42±0.50. The authors conclude SO hang-back recessions is safe and effective.

Effects of bilateral superior oblique hang-back recession in treatment of A-pattern strabismus and superior oblique overaction.
Li Y, Ma H, Zhao K.
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Fiona Rowe (Prof)

Institute of Population Health, University of Liverpool, UK.

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