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Technology for remote working and COVID-19 resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered every aspect of how we live, and how healthcare needs to be provided for the welfare of patients and staff. I thought I would try to summarise a few potential technology tools that could be...

Embracing assistive technology in the fight against sight loss

The author shares his own experience of sight loss and explains the vital role assistive technology can play in the lives of visually impaired patients. There is no doubt that sight loss continues to be a clear and present danger,...

Technology in ophthalmology – a promising future and what we need to know about the regulations

Undoubtedly, ophthalmology is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for technological progress in medicine. Thus far, we have seen remarkable advancements in the technology used by ophthalmologists across all subspecialties. From simplifying common procedures, to treating previously incurable conditions,...

Using frequency doubling technology perimetry to identify Alzheimer’s disease early

Alzheimer’s disease is widely reported to be associated with deficits in visual function. Visual disturbances include impaired stereopsis, contrast sensitivity and motion detection. Deficits specific to the magnocellular pathway (MGC) have been identified in Alzheimer’s disease. This article compares the...

Cutting edge technology for all surgeons

Innovative blade engineering for cataract surgery. A step forward for wound architecture Main incision and Paracentesis / Sideport blades All sizes available Made in the UK.

Use of technology in low vision rehabilitation

This article is a review of the accessibility features available on tablets and smartphones for the visually impaired. It explains exactly what the accessibility features are, how to access them and how to use them as well as some useful...

Intraocular lens technology to deliver enhanced optical performance after cataract refractive surgery

Modern cataract surgery aims to provide patients with the best possible visual outcome with the least dependence on spectacles and minimal or no complications and to treat both cataract and refractive errors with a single procedure. Phacoemulsification is the standard...

Quantum technology first in eye disease detection

Scientists are working on a new device that could lead to a reduction in the number of people who go blind from age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Discovery Park Ventures invests £100K in new tenant Vox Imaging Technology

Discovery Park Ventures invests £100K in new tenant Vox Imaging Technology to advance ophthalmic imaging for preclinical research.

Eye News to host educational day focused on AI and new technology

We’re delighted to announce that we will be hosting a symposium again next year as part of Eyecare 2020.

WATCH: Novel imaging technology reveals role of immune cells in early diabetic cataract development

In this video interview, Proffessor Ali Hafezi-Moghadam and Professor Dr. Christoph Rußmann discuss their findings on the role of immune cells in early diabetic cataract development.