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Psychiatric Consequences of Ophthalmic Disease

In part two of this series on ophthalmology and psychiatry, the authors will cover the possible psychiatric consequences of ophthalmic disease. The following conditions will be discussed: a. Black patch psychosis b. Psychological state in blindness c. Phobias in the...

Neuro-ophthalmic disease patterns in Southeast Asia with particular reference to giant cell arteritis

As indicated in an earlier article in Eye News [1] Dr Cullen was invited in 2000 to the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) as visiting Professor with a specific remit to set up a specialist neuro-ophthalmology service, which was the...

Open source and tele-manufacturing for ophthalmology

Open source or crowd-sourcing and crowd-collaboration are concepts almost always associated with software and public online projects such as Wiki project. Never had I imagined that my team would apply the same principle in ophthalmology. Just less than a month...

APAO (Asia-Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology) 2019 Congress

In conjunction with the 43rd Annual Meeting of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists of Thailand

COVID-19 Clinical Experience and Impact in Ophthalmology

Organised and funded by Alimera Sciences and Heidelberg Engineering.

Imaging requests for CNP

The authors sought to answer the question of to what extent do differences in policy exist between ophthalmologists and neurologists regarding imaging by MRI of patients with acquired ocular cranial nerve palsy (CNP). They conducted a literature review leading to...

Eye News Book Competition - Your Chance to Win a Copy

Eye News is delighted to be partnering with NIHR Doctoral Fellow, Specialist Registrar in Ophthalmology, and author Sohaib Rufai for an exciting giveaway for new and old readers alike.

Fight for Sight and The Royal College of Ophthalmologists invite applications for John Lee Primer Fellowships for research into sight loss

In partnership with The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, Fight for Sight is now inviting applications for its John Lee Primer Fellowships, offering up to £60,000 to support early career ophthalmologists to undertake ground-breaking vision research.

COVID-19 and the eye: a review of ocular involvement and protective strategies

A lot of attention has been placed on the use of face coverings to limit COVID-19 transmission, but there has been less focus on ocular involvement and ocular protection strategies. The author reviews the literature and discusses possible solutions. The...

Corectopia grading

The authors present a novel corectopia classification system using 28 eyes of 28 patients with or without corectopia. The grading and classification system for corectopia was as follows: (i) Direction of decentration: superior (DecS), superonasal (DecSN), nasal (DecN), inferonasal (DecIN),...

Multimodal Retinal Imaging

Understanding of rapidly advancing retinal imaging techniques is important as they have changed the management of retinal conditions considerably. Interpretation of these tests is a vital skill in the armamentarium of every practising ophthalmologist. The book is directed at general...