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Improved vision with perceptual learning

This study examined whether the development of crowded near visual acuity can be stimulated and whether crowding effects can be reduced by perceptual learning. The authors compared a magnifier crowded task with a perceptual learning crowded task and perceptual learning...

The importance of ‘hands-on’ learning

Providing ongoing professional education and development for the allied professions out of the clinic or hospital setting is often quite challenging. The reorganisation of rotas, heavy clinic lists and financial constraints all add up to making the opportunity to learn...

Perceptual learning treatment for amblyopia

The authors previously conducted a feasibility study examining the potential benefit of a self-administered at-home use of a tablet-based perceptual learning (PL) game. Visual stimuli were presented in various orientations and spatial frequency in a game-play format. This study evaluates...

Ophthalmic learning through the lens of cognitivism and constructivism

Learning in ophthalmology is multi-faceted, from understanding the fundamentals of eye anatomy and physiology to higher order skills such as performing cataract and vitreoretinal surgery. Having a strong foundation in the basics is a necessity for higher order knowledge synthesis,...

Code-Free Deep Learning: a step into the future of ophthalmology

A new focus has arisen within the research domain of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare called code-free deep learning (CFDL), and recent research demonstrates that ophthalmology is becoming one of the leading specialties in this field. Artificial intelligence (AI) is...

Haag-Streit Academy launches FREE LENSTAR biometry e-learning course

HS-UK is delighted to launch a ‘LENSTAR Biometry E-learning Course’, which is now available for customers completely free of charge, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Haag-Streit Academy launch FREE e-learning courses

HS-UK is delighted to be launching FREE training courses on the Haag-Streit Academy E-learning Portal.

Improving eye care for children with learning difficulties: a view from SeeAbility

Marek P Karas from sightloss charity SeeAbility examines why children with a learning disability do not access the eye care they need and asks how the system needs to change. Children with a learning disability are 28 times more likely...

Can e-learning help bridge the ophthalmology teaching gap?

The authors ask whether e-learning can help to address the current lack of ophthalmology teaching in the undergraduate curriculum. Studies among the United Kingdom, Australasian, Canadian and Asian medical schools have found that students on average spent just over a...

Haag-Streit Academy launch FREE Octopus Perimetry E-learning Course

The Haag-Streit Academy is delighted to launch the ‘Octopus Perimetry E-learning Course’.

Haag-Streit Academy expands e-learning platform with new slit lamp content

Slit lamp users can now sign-up for the Haag-Streit Academy Slit Lamp E-learning Portal, offering FREE user account access to comprehensive slit lamp and slit lamp imaging training and educational material.