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Certifying patients as visually impaired: the start of a journey

In March 2017 there were 290,475 people registered as either visually impaired or severely visually impaired in the UK [1]. Patients registered as sight impaired benefit from financial support as well as practical help. Practical help is provided by social...

Samsung focuses on the sight impaired and internet security flaws

Smartphone assistive technology for the sight impaired In previous issues we’ve covered some specific smartphones that have been developed for the sight impaired. Samsung are now doing something similar, but in the form of accessories. In March 2014 they announced,...

Blind Veterans UK calls on eye health professionals to direct blind and vision impaired veterans to vital support

A national charity is asking ophthalmologists and eye health professionals to help them reach out to the tens of thousands of blind and vision impaired ex-service men and women who are currently missing out on vital support to help them...

Seeing in Isolation: In Conversation with Blind & Visually Impaired International Photographers

@ 18.00-20.00 GMT Do you need to have sight to take photographs? This question will be explored at this event that brings together blind and visually impaired international photographers: Bruce Hall, Karren Visser, Mickel Smithen, Pete Eckert and Sonia Soberats to present their work and be in conversation with curator Douglas McCulloh of exhibition ‘Sight Unseen: International Photography by Blind Artists’.

Differences between ages and onset in functional network changes associated with reading Braille

Visual impairment affects learning ability, speed and accuracy required for reading, writing and learning memory in terms of educational performance. Braille training requires decoding of simple dots into meaningful words and sentences. The objectives of this study were to evaluate...

Seeing in Isolation: audio description in photography and art

@ 10:00-12:00 GMT Using ‘Seeing in Isolation’ as a springboard for discussion, Multistory is collaborating with VocalEyes to bring together different perspectives on audio description. Speakers will include visually impaired photographer, Karren Visser; disability consultant and trainer, Kirin Saeed; writer, performer and activist, Mandy Redvers-Rowe; CEO of VocalEyes, Matthew Cock; visual artist specialising in drawing and painting, Sally Booth; and Chair of Sandwell Visually Impaired and TV audio description advocate, Tony Averis.

New helpline to offer support to thousands of Scots with sight loss

The new telephone service from Sight Scotland, Scotland’s largest sight loss charity, offers someone for people with sight loss and their families to turn to for information, advice and support.

Saccadic eye movements in young-onset Parkinson’s disease

The objective of this study was to understand control of saccadic eye movements in patients with young onset Parkinson’s disease (YOPD) where onset of disease symptoms appears early in life (<40 years of age). Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) was...

Unique exhibition conveys experience of visual impairment

The exhibition ‘Windows of the Soul’, part of the Bloomsbury Festival in London, has been pioneered by a combination of young scientists, clinicians and artists, some of whom are visually impaired themselves.

Visual impairment in patients with glaucoma

This retrospective observational study assessed the prevalence of end-of-life visual impairment in patients with glaucoma. A total of 122 deceased patients followed for glaucoma were included and data was collected from patient notes. Sixty-one patients had open-angle glaucoma and 61...

Psychiatric Consequences of Ophthalmic Disease

In part two of this series on ophthalmology and psychiatry, the authors will cover the possible psychiatric consequences of ophthalmic disease. The following conditions will be discussed: a. Black patch psychosis b. Psychological state in blindness c. Phobias in the...