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Certifying patients as visually impaired: the start of a journey

In March 2017 there were 290,475 people registered as either visually impaired or severely visually impaired in the UK [1]. Patients registered as sight impaired benefit from financial support as well as practical help. Practical help is provided by social...

Samsung focuses on the sight impaired and internet security flaws

Smartphone assistive technology for the sight impaired In previous issues we’ve covered some specific smartphones that have been developed for the sight impaired. Samsung are now doing something similar, but in the form of accessories. In March 2014 they announced,...

Blind Veterans UK calls on eye health professionals to direct blind and vision impaired veterans to vital support

A national charity is asking ophthalmologists and eye health professionals to help them reach out to the tens of thousands of blind and vision impaired ex-service men and women who are currently missing out on vital support to help them...

Visually Impaired Creators perform at Edinburgh Fringe

What’s it like to see a show… without seeing it?

British Blind Sport calls for Voluntary Classifiers for visually impaired athletes

British Blind Sport (BBS) is seeking voluntary classifiers to aid in offering sight classifications for adults and children. BBS, which helps blind and partially sighted people lead active lives and engage and play sports, works with people at all levels,...

Sight Scotland urges restaurants and venues to open their doors to the vision impaired

Charity launches new Customer Service Guide for bars and restaurants during National Braille Week.

Sight Scotland urge new First Minister to "open his eyes to inclusivity and accessibility challenges for vision impaired"

Sight Scotland and its sister charity Sight Scotland Veterans are calling on the new Frist Minister, Humza Yousaf MSP, to improve inclusivity and accessibility for the vision impaired.

Scotland's Bottle Deposit Return Scheme – have visually impaired people even been considered?

Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans have welcomed the delay to the Bottle Deposit Return Scheme and are urging the Scottish Government to use this time to consider the implications it will have for visually impaired people.

Sight Scotland awarded contract to help improve education services for visually impaired young people in West Lothian

School pupils in West Lothian are set to benefit from a new and improved education support service.

Differences between ages and onset in functional network changes associated with reading Braille

Visual impairment affects learning ability, speed and accuracy required for reading, writing and learning memory in terms of educational performance. Braille training requires decoding of simple dots into meaningful words and sentences. The objectives of this study were to evaluate...

New helpline to offer support to thousands of Scots with sight loss

The new telephone service from Sight Scotland, Scotland’s largest sight loss charity, offers someone for people with sight loss and their families to turn to for information, advice and support.