The exhibition ‘Windows of the Soul’, part of the Bloomsbury Festival in London, has been pioneered by a combination of young scientists, clinicians and artists, some of whom are visually impaired themselves.

The exhibition, supported by The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Biomedical Research Centre at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, and by a public engagement bursary from UCL Culture, will include Braille art, traditional paintings, print work, tactile art, icons, sound art as well as animations depicting visual hallucinations.

It will run until 23 October at The Lumen, Tavistock Place, with a meet the artist symposium at 6-8pm on Friday 22 October. The online gallery can be accessed here: 

The concept was pioneered by Dr Caroline Kilduff and Mr Siegfried Wagner, who both became fascinated by the visual experience described by patients with sight loss. Over time, they began to imagine these experiences represented through artwork.”   

By teaming up with artist Lindsey Whitelaw, and Jane Clipston who has curated the exhibition, the idea took form and bloomed. As artists and interested parties joined, the team discovered a great number of visually impaired artists, who have represented their own work or others’.

Dr Kilduff said of the exhibition, “I have found being part of this team one of the most humbling experiences. It has been inspiring to hear everyone’s personal journeys with a resounding theme around how isolating visual impairment can be, and how comforting it is to meet others in the same position. We hope that this exhibition goes some way to achieving raising awareness and bringing people together while showcasing some amazing art.”

Founding artist Lindsey Whitelaw said “The process of painting can be a solitary and self-centred occupation; so I have welcomed this opportunity to work in collaboration with  a group of people to help them express their view of the world with sight impairment. Creating these paintings with my 'team' for the Windows of the Soul exhibition  has been a privilege and hugely enriching experience. I hope this exhibition will engage and enlighten others.”