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Glaucoma UK urges people to get their eyes tested amidst rise in glaucoma cases

With the number of people living with glaucoma in the UK expected to increase by almost a third between 2020 and 2035, Glaucoma UK is urging people to get their eyes tested.

Sense Medical Virtual Glaucoma Clinic

With COVID-19 potentially transmissible through contact with conjunctival and tear secretions of infected patients as well as aerosol droplets, your ophthalmology department needs to adapt quickly...

Glaucoma Awareness Week 29 June – 5 July

This year, the International Glaucoma Association's (IGA) Glaucoma Awareness Week will take place from 29 June to 5 July. The IGA wants more people in the UK than ever before to know just how important it is to look after...

New President and President-elect of the UK and Éire Glaucoma Society announced

Glaucoma UK has announced the appointments of the new President and President-elect for its UK and Éire Glaucoma Society (UKEGS).

The Spectacle Makers’ Charity takes up the challenge of glaucoma in Nigeria

The Glaucoma-NET was established by the VISION 2020 LINKS Programme in 2021 to address the high levels of irreversible blindness due to glaucoma in low-income countries. It aims to preserve the sight of people with glaucoma through bringing together patients, clinicians, researchers, NGOs and Ministries of Health, with a lasting and sustainable impact.

Home testing can help glaucoma patients, new study shows

Nearly 60,000 people in Scotland living with glaucoma could benefit from carrying out tests at home, a study funded by Sight Scotland and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has shown.

Study shows laser treatment could significantly improve treatment for glaucoma in Africa

Results of a trial published in Lancet Global Health on 14/10/21 could pave the way for significant improvements in treatment for glaucoma in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Glaukos 6th National Micro Invasive Glaucoma Surgery Master Class

Chair: Mr. Imran MasoodSpeakers include: Professor Peter Shah, Mr. Simon Dulku, Mr. Thomas Ressiniotis, Ms. Sally AmeenTopics discussed: iStent inject® patient selection, clinical data, training, how to start implanting, how to submit a successful business case to the trust, and...

ESASO: Glaucoma

Significant improvements in Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) in Glaucoma patients reported following implantation of iStent inject at the time of cataract surgery

A prospective study of patients undergoing trabecular micro-bypass implantation with iStent or iStent inject® at the time of cataract surgery shows clinically and statistically significant improvements in ocular surface disease (OSD), including tear break-up time, corneal/conjunctival staining, and Ocular Surface Disease Index scores (OSDI).