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Ocular bubbly: a vitreoretinal update on the art of gases

The authors remind us of the revolutionary impact gases have had on retinal surgery. In 1938, Rosengren attempted to improve his retina repair surgical outcomes [1]. He discovered that suturing the retina or pressing externally on the sclera were not...

Sustainability in eyecare: Intraocular gases and the climate emergency

In 2020 the NHS became the first national health system to commit to delivering ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2040. The author investigates how the impact of ophthalmic surgery can be reduced. Medical gases have been used in ophthalmic surgery...

Ultra-Pure VR Oils, Gases & PFCLs

Manufactured by Pharmpur GmbH using the most advanced multi-stage purification and analytical processes. Minimal wastage gas syringes help reduce environmental impact. Certificate of purity provided with every shipment.

Gases, Silicone Oils, Heavy Liquids & Dyes

The complete solution to ensure safety for your patients. Cytotoxicity tested on BALB3T3 and ARPE19 cells.

RNIB and Abertay University hold event to reboot gaming to make it more accessible for those with sight loss

Sight loss charity Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Abertay University in Dundee will host a pioneering Accessible Gaming Symposium this week.

Macular holes: A brief review

The classification of macular holes has been modernised by OCT findings. This is a brief review and encompasses the historical literature on macular holes. A macular hole is an anatomical discontinuation of the neurosensory retina at the centre of the...

Refresh for ABDO College common room thanks to Millmead Optical Group

Students at ABDO College will be able to relax in comfort and enjoy a refreshed common room thanks to Millmead Optical Group.

Specsavers Launches brand new Roblox Obby

Specsavers has unveiled the ‘Specsavers Obby’, a new branded obstacle course game and virtual merchandise giveaway on Roblox, marking the high-street retailer’s commitment to educating younger generations and continued steps into the gaming space.

Long way up

In the first of a series of guest editorials exploring multiple different Learning Curves, Francis Sanders ruminates on motorcycling and environmental guilt. As an avid motorcyclist, I was naturally drawn to the relatively recent sequel series from Ewan McGregor and...

The NRC achieves Carbon Neutrality for the second year running

The NRC has successfully achieved carbon neutrality for 2022, alongside a significant reduction in emissions in a number of areas.

Sustainability in eyecare: Aravind Eye Hospital’s low carbon eyecare system

The field of healthcare has a substantial impact on the environment as it is responsible for 5-10% of greenhouse gas emissions and 9% of air pollutant generation [1]. Surgery is associated with the rapid consumption of single-use products and waste...