Students at ABDO College will be able to relax in comfort and enjoy a refreshed common room thanks to Millmead Optical Group.

Sophie Lifton, senior marketing manager at Millmead Optical Group, visited the college this week to give the Student Common Room a refresh. Sophie added new soft furnishings as well as flowers and decorative items to brighten up the room.



Sophie says: "Our partnership with ABDO College, which dates back to 2017, has provided me with the opportunity to create spaces where students can truly unwind and relax.

"This year, I drew inspiration from vivid and dynamic hues, resulting in delightful elements such as uplifting multi-coloured cushions, a stunning velvet parrot desk lamp, and an assortment of vases adorned with tropical blossoms. I really hope the students and the college staff love what we’ve done with the room!"



Dr Robert Cubbidge, principal of ABDO College, says: "It was great to welcome Sophie Lifton from our sponsor Millmead Optical Group at ABDO College today. Sophie has refreshed the common room, making it a more vibrant and inviting space for our students to enjoy. Thanks to James Conway for making it possible."

Millmead Optical Group is an independently owned company with three main entities – Continental Eyewear, Jai Kudo Lenses and Optoplast. The original company was founded by two families in 1946 and is still in the ownership of these families today. Millmead aims to put its partners and customers first in everything it does and focuses a huge amount of time looking at its impact on the wider environment. Its goals of increasing sustainability are engrained in its business and the entire team is continually engaged in this area.