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Data update for leading causes of CVI in England and Wales

In this article the authors present an epidemiological update, based on certifiable visual impairment (CVI) registration for figures for sight impairment (SI) in England and Wales from the last report of 2007-2008 to the current data for April 2012 to...

Developing community eye care: the evolution of Wales’ eye care services

In the third in our series about community eye care in the home nations, David O’Sullivan explains how Wales has developed its community eye care services. Since the devolution of healthcare to Wales on 1 July 1999 [1], significant changes...

Reforms to primary eyecare in Wales welcome but concerning

Some areas of the Welsh Government’s proposals have come under scrutiny by eyecare practitioners practising in Wales since a consultation on reforms opened in April.

Requirements guidance issued as optometry contract for Wales comes into force

Optometry Wales outlines new rules for practitioners practising in Wales.

AOP launches research into key reforms proposed for primary eye care services in Wales

The Welsh Government put forward proposals for major reforms of primary eye care services

Med Sales Academy: Introduction to Medical Device Sales

We are serious about providing you with more than a course, we offer you a framework for success and a support network as you embark on a career in medical sales. Our Online Introduction to Medical Sales Course is aimed at Graduates, Healthcare Professionals and Professionals, who are keen to pursue a career in the Medical Device or Pharmaceutical Industries.

OSA Sustainability Committee holds first meeting

The OSA Sustainability Committee held its first meeting on Friday 23 July. The aim of the committee is to provide information, support and advice to OSA members who want to demonstrate their commitment to behaving in a more environmentally sensitive and more sustainable way.

Rite of passage

The Lakota Sioux people of Dakota have one of the best preserved Native American cultures in the United States and when people think of the ‘American Indian’ it is to the culture of the Lakota Sioux that people mostly turn....

Incidence of eyelid basal cell carcinoma in England

A retrospective review by using the ICD-10 and histology codes for eyelid basal cell carcinoma (BCCs) (including the inner canthus) from the English National Cancer Data Repository were used to identify incident events between the period 2000 to 2010. There...

Neuro-ophthalmology Illustrated (3rd edition)

I have a slight hatred of neuro-ophthalmology. It seems bizarre and foreign to me and I know I’m not the only one who groans at getting a patient with diplopia or a non-specific headache. So I will always be pretty...

Jason Turnbull takes on epic challenge: climbing 24 Munros in 2024 to support Sight Scotland Veterans

Jason Turnbull has embarked on a remarkable journey to climb 24 Munros throughout 2024 to raise funds for Sight Scotland Veterans, a charity dedicated to supporting visually impaired veterans throughout Scotland.

Pharma chameleon

One morning in September ’95, about a month into my first house job on the South Coast of England, I emerged from the ridiculously early ward round on the coronary care unit feeling a bit dazed and therefore headed off...