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Charity partners celebrate 10 years in Zambia

Vision Aid Overseas and Specsavers are celebrating 10 years of working together.

The VISION 2020 LINKS Programme: Cascading leadership training in Calabar, Nigeria

The VISION 2020 LINKS Programme has initiated ‘LEAD FORWARD’, an innovative leadership development project incorporating a commitment to cascade training and participate in achievable quality or service improvement projects. The project provides opportunities to apply leadership skills in practice as...

WVUK (Women in Vision) Winter Meeting 2023

December 2, 2022, brought together Women in Vision UK (WVUK) members for their winter meeting. WVUK is a membership organisation focussed on gender equality in vision-related sciences and healthcare. This year’s winter meeting was held in Moorfields Education Hub and...

UKISCRS to create series of webinars

The first webinar, hosted by Professor David Spalton, will be held today Thursday 9 April, 6-7pm.

The Eye Care Support Pathway from RNIB

The #EyeCareSupportPathway is a framework, developed by RNIB and partners across the sector, for the NHS, social care organisations, the third sector and the public to use to support the transformation of eye care and eye services.

White dot syndromes

It is fair to say that trainees and consultants who are not medical retina specialists are a bit scared of the so called retinal ‘white dot syndromes’. It is easy to understand why this is the case, as almost every...

Proning and the pandemic - ocular complications seen in critical care

Priyanka Sanghi and her co-authors explore the ocular complications seen in critical care units throughout the country as we treat patients through this challenging time. The SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) pandemic has placed the NHS and critical care services under immense strain,...

Virtual reality pupil assessment software

For Oct/Nov 2021 we review a virtual reality (VR) solution for training and assessing pupil function. Different types of VR exist, and the application described here is used on the Oculus Quest or Pico headsets. The user wears a headset...

Rare eye diseases: progress continues with authorised orphan medicines and breakthrough technologies

An update on the development of orphan medicines, recent regulatory treatment approvals for rare eye conditions and advances in retinal prosthetic technologies for blinding diseases. The prevalence of a rare disease is based usually on a range of estimates and...

SILMO 2019: Anything goes, but sustainability grows

Trying to spot the trends at this year’s SILMO in Paris, one of the largest optical fairs in the world, was a tough ask. Thin metals, especially in rose gold, abounded, but that’s now; tomorrow remained elusive.

OAEE UPDATE - Urgent Call for Surgical Supplies in Ukraine

UK professionals have called for aid in sending surgical equipment to Ukraine during Russian invasion.

Advances in the understanding, diagnostic and treatment of keratoconus

*Joint first authors Keratoconus is a bilateral and asymmetric eye condition in which the cornea’s structure is affected and thinned, causing a cone-shaped bulge to develop. This results in progressive loss of vision and impairs the ability of the eye...