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Will it change management?

Like most doctors I have read and am a fan of Samuel Shem’s House of God, with my favourite Rule being Rule 10: “If you don’t take a temperature you can’t find a fever.” If you don’t intend to treat...

The approach to trabeculectomy postoperative complications

Performing a trabeculectomy is like giving birth to a baby. It may be traumatic and there is scope for devastating error but once the operation is completed only then does the real work begin. The bleb must be nurtured into...

Introducing EziDrops, the incredibly simple and effective aid for administering eye drops

Ezidrops Ltd. Is an innovative inventor of simple to use Eye and Ear Drop Applicators.

Case series of toxic anterior segment syndrome

Herein we report two cases of toxic anterior segment syndrome (TASS) following uneventful cataract surgery. Both patients presented 24 hours after their uneventful operations with painless blurred vision in the operated eye. The inflammatory reaction was controlled successfully with an...

Redeployment during the COVID-19 pandemic: personal accounts from four ophthalmology trainees

We once believed that the coronavirus would not penetrate the safe confines of the United Kingdom, like so many outbreaks before this. Once the news came that this pandemic descended into our hospitals, the anxieties about redeployment began. Many of...

Innovations in ophthalmology: what can the innovations of the past teach us about tomorrow?

BUOS Prize Essay – 2nd prize winner for 2013 submissions Introduction An essay titled Innovations in Ophthalmology might choose to focus on the history; from cataract couching to femtosecond lasers, ophthalmology has had no shortage of topics worthy of discussion....

Clues from the Cutter meeting

Bausch + Lomb were proud to sponsor the inaugural Clues from the Cutter meeting held at the Anglia Ruskin Medical School in Chelmsford in June.

BVI launch Vitreq® 29G Directional Spotlight Chandelier

The device facilitates bimanual surgery for vitreoretinal procedures with an integrated directional function and wide-view fibre tip for global endo-illumination.

Useful digital resources for the modern ophthalmologist

In the age of the internet and a smartphone at everyone’s fingertips, here are some free resources I have found to be useful on the job, and hopefully will be of use to you too. Feedly (Android/iOS): Better known as...

Altacor add new products to the trusted Clinitas® brand family

Altacor are pleased to announce the launch of two new products. The range has now been expanded to include 0.2% preservative free sodium hyaluronate options to treat mild to moderate dry eye, sitting alongside our existing Clinitas 0.4% products for treating moderate to severe dry eye.

Fairytale published to encourage children to wear glasses

The Amazing Fairy Glasses is the first book published by author Katy Tainton, of Neath, South Wales. Katy felt the need to write a book aimed at helping young children who wear glasses when her eldest daughter Belle was diagnosed...