This book is a comprehensive source of information on the subject of uveitis. The target audience includes ophthalmologists, allied health professionals with special interest in this area and general physicians treating patients with multisystem inflammatory disease with involvement of the eye.

The preliminary part of the book comprises of a brush up on the anatomy of the uveal tract, general immunology and the comparative peculiarities of the ocular immune environment. This is followed by tips on relevant history taking, examination and diagnostic tests. The author then highlights the principles of management and gives an overview of the therapeutic armamentarium of available anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive drugs. Complications associated with uveitis are discussed. A significant proportion of the book is dedicated to uveitis associated with systemic disorders and idiopathic specific uveitis syndromes.

The penultimate chapter gives a detailed account of the malignant, non-malignant and drug induced masquerades of ophthalmic inflammation and the book concludes with a multi-author contribution of interesting case scenarios from the Manchester uveitis clinics.

This is a very useful book concentrating on an area which for many of us can be fraught with diagnostic challenges and management dilemmas. It clarifies many of these issues and helps simplify approach. Tables, charts and graphs help supply core information and, along with high quality clinical photographs, support learning. The CD ROM accompanying the book gives pristine management protocols for clinicians.

Since patient participation is a key factor in the management of uveitis, which is oftentimes recurrent, chronic and associated with multisystem involvement, the patient information leaflets in the CD are indeed the jewel in the crown.

All in all this entire publication is an excellent resource, written in a unique style, which draws credibility from the author’s vast experience and commitment in this area.

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Sofia Rokerya

MBBS MRCOphth FRCSI, King's College University Hospital, UK.

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