Evidence shows hand-holding volunteers help significantly reduce anxiety for patients undergoing eye procedure

New evidence from an evaluation carried out by Helpforce for Friends of Moorfields shows that a volunteer’s support can help patients while they have eye surgery under local anaesthetic. 94% say the support helped them feel less anxious.

Moorfields at Stratford opens new operating theatres for eye surgery

Moorfields Eye Hospital has welcomed the first patients for surgery at its new hub in Stratford.

Moorfields to start new retinal detachment clinical trial

Moorfields to start new retinal detachment clinical trial following £1.2 million MRC DPFS grant awarded to UCL and Moorfields Eye Hospital.

Effective treatment for rare sight-threatening infection

A drug candidate, based on pioneering UCL and Moorfields Eye Hospital research and currently under development by SIFI S.p.A., has been found to be highly effective in treating a rare sight-threatening eye infection in a new international clinical trial.

£1.7 million funding for research into children’s eye health

Moorfields Eye Charity and the Medical Research Foundation are working in partnership to support research into childhood and adolescent eye health, putting £1.7 million of funding into this massively underfunded area of research.