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25 years of OCT

David Huang first described optical coherence tomography (OCT) in 1991, in his seminal paper on the subject in Science. This method developed the work of others on ophthalmic interferometry, which essentially showed that measuring reflected light could be used to...

Help provide a free eyecare service in Edinburgh to those affected by homelessness

We're thrilled to share that this summer marks a milestone for VCHP as we prepare to open our 10th clinic, a momentous occasion heralded by our inaugural venture into Scotland.

Canon Medical announces Sense Medical as new UK distributor

Canon Medical Systems Europe today announced that it has signed an agreement with Sense Medical to be the official exclusive distributor of their ophthalmic eye care products within the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The Retinal Atlas (2nd Edition)

Those readers familiar with the first edition of The Retinal Atlas will appreciate the comprehensive nature of this publication, and this latest version incorporates retinal images generated by recently developed imaging technology. As the title suggests, this hardcover version is...

New runners inspired by London Marathon warned to consider their eye health amid thousands of sign-ups ahead of the event

Runners and would-be runners have been urged to ensure they have considered the best options for their eyesight if they are inspired to be more active by this year’s London Marathon.

Optic nerve swelling – your survival guide (part 2)

In this second article we will discuss bilateral optic nerve swelling, its aetiology, various investigations and possible treatments. We will also discuss various protocols used in the management of suspected optic nerve swelling cases. (Part one of this topic available...

Neuro-ophthalmology: the extended role of an orthoptist

Neuro-ophthalmology has always been a speciality of interest during my studies and now in my career. In 2018, I started a Band 7 post which gave me an extended role in neuro-ophthalmology and the responsibility of developing an orthoptic led...

Save the date for the SEE Summit

The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) is calling on everyone across the optical professions and industry to save 9 October 2023 for the third SEE Summit on the Environment.

Clinical tutor enjoys rewarding nature of volunteering

Bradford University Clinical Tutor, Benji Chandra, celebrates five years of supporting the needs of homeless people this summer.

Repeated orbital decompression surgery

This is a retrospective review of nine redo orbital decompressions in six patients. All operations were performed for dysthyroid optic neuropathy, both initially and when repeated. The interval between first and redo decompressions varied from one to 15 years and...

OCT prognostic factors in AMD patients with peripapillary choroidal neovascularisation

In this retrospective study the authors aimed to investigate the correlation between optical coherence tomography (OCT) findings and visual acuity outcomes after treatment with intravitreal bevacizumab (IVB) injections for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) patients with peripapillary choroidal neovascularisation (PPCNV). Data...

How common is optic disc drusen in young patients with NAION?

A retrospective notes review at two tertiary care centres was completed between 2009 and 2019. The inclusion criteria for the study was a diagnosis of nonarteritic anterior ischaemic optic neuropathy (NAION) in at least one eye, aged between 18 and...