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UKISCRS to create series of webinars

The first webinar, hosted by Professor David Spalton, will be held today Thursday 9 April, 6-7pm.

UKISCRS: Annual Congress 2022

Last UKISCRS webinar of 2020 will be a festive celebration

The festive webinar will be held on Thursday 3 December at 7pm.

UKISCRS: An IOL Formula Shoot-Out! Webinar

@18:00 - 19.15PM This webinar will look at the new formulae around the world, developed over the last year or so. Chaired by Mr Paul Ursell. Each lecture will outline the main features, what makes them good and how they work for torics & LASIK. Join us for this competitive head to head with: - Adi Abulafia , Jerusalem, Israel - Doug Koch, Houston, Texas - Thomas Olsen, Aarhus, Denmark

UKISCRS: Talking heads 'Oculoplastic and ocular surface’ Webinar

@18:30 - 19.15PM Chaired by Rizwana Khan

UKISCRS: Premium IOLs and co morbidities Webinar

@18:30 - 19.15PM Chaired by Laura Crowley

The importance of ‘hands-on’ learning

Providing ongoing professional education and development for the allied professions out of the clinic or hospital setting is often quite challenging. The reorganisation of rotas, heavy clinic lists and financial constraints all add up to making the opportunity to learn...

My top five eye-related webinars during lockdown

1. Alcon Experience Academy The Alcon Experience Academy ran a non-promotional educational series from 12 May to 23 June 2020. Being mildly biased as a junior trainee, this has to be rated by far the best series due to its...

Nurse-led Rapid Corneal Collagen Cross-linking / UKISOP Society Education Day

Nurse-led Rapid Corneal Collagen Cross-linking By Dan Gore Over the last decade, clinical trial data has accumulated for new interventions in keratoconus that promise to arrest disease progression, significantly reduce transplantation rates and save many patients from long-term reliance on...

Streamlining cataract lists: how are you managing it?

Mr Jonathan Ross, in conversation with Ms Bita Manzouri, provides a personal perspective on challenges and opportunities shaping the future of cataract surgery services across the hospital eye service. Redesigning cataract pathways in response to COVID-19 Bita Manzouri: Over the...

Eye News - Covid-19: Useful resources

This list will be updated as new sources of information emerge – let us know if there’s any resources we should be listing here by emailing
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