Wills Eye Handbook of Ocular Genetics is a concise and comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and management of ophthalmic genetic conditions. Ocular genetics is a rapidly-evolving field and an updated textbook is vital to communicate the recent advances made in the understanding of ocular genetic disease.

It is laid out in a very reader-friendly format with each chapter commencing with a general overview, followed by an update on the genetics of the disease and then a list of potential differentials with explanations. Every chapter also includes relevant clinical images. The challenges of diagnosis are clearly explored throughout the textbook. Each chapter is concluded with clinical multiple-choice questions, which allow the reader to see how their newly acquired knowledge may be applied in clinical practice.

Although it is a handbook and appears compact, it still covers a broad range of topics including anterior segment disorders, vitreoretinopathies and retinal dystrophies across adult and paediatric disciplines. It’s easy-to-read format means this textbook is a valuable reference point for practitioners at junior or senior level in both subspecialty fields of ophthalmology and genetics.

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Caroline Bailey

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, UK.

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