The authors have set out to produce a readable, comprehensive handbook designed to instil a working knowledge in the speciality. The authors have indeed achieved their objective and created a dynamic, well-structured, stimulating book.

As vitreo-retinal surgery is a rapidly developing field, this book is aimed at vitreo-retinal residents, fellows, consultants who are moving from 20 gauge vitrectomy to smaller 23/25 gauge vitrectomy techniques.

This book first discusses the instruments and equipment used in 23G vitrectomy and then provides a step-by-step explanation of various surgical techniques with the aid of informative diagrams and many high-quality photographs. In addition, videos are included that document the different procedures, from the straightforward to complex interventions. Early chapters on instruments and technique are well written with excellent colour pictures and discussed in great detail. Pits & Pearls described in each sub-section are really useful tips to minimise the errors and help in efficient use of devices, which is essential for both fellows and young consultants.

Practical Handbook for Small-Gauge Vitrectomy has a number of really good points. The authors are clearly skilled surgeons with a wide-range of experience in the field which is well illustrated in the text and the DVDs. The various clinical entities are well covered and there are individual chapters addressing the important subjects of this complex speciality. The chapters on the intraocular lense (IOL) dislocation and dropped nucleus are well written with practical tips complemented by demonstration of the technique in the DVD. There is an innovative chapter on the bimanual, 4-port Trocar system for vitrectomy with Chandelier Light system. The chapter on combined phaco-vitrectomy has many interesting suggestions / tips for those who do this procedure often.

The book is slightly over-priced. I really enjoyed reading this book, as many aspects of this are appealing. Special emphases on surgical pearls are the product of thoughtful surgeons. This book will serve as an immensely useful practical guide for all who are intending to make use of this exciting technology and increasingly used technique in retinal surgery.

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D Kumudhan

MS, DNB, FRCS, FRCSEd, Nottingham University Hospitals, Queens Medical centre, Nottingham, UK

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