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This is a great book with contributions from well-known figures in the world of ophthalmology. It would be a beneficial read for any ophthalmology trainee or consultant as it covers something that is quite essential in ophthalmic surgery – giving good results to your cataract patients. The book is well designed, with chapters ranging from preoperative assessment to complications of surgery and various surgical techniques in handling them.

The textbook is split into four main sections; part 1 is termed the introduction and covers some of basics which you should understand as a cataract surgeon, such as the role of preoperative screening, lens power calculation, astigmatism and tear film and corneal disorders. Part 2 covers refractive enhancement procedures, part 3 covers non refractive enhancement procedures, and part 4 is a ‘miscellaneous’ section, which includes chapters such as endophthalmitis, keratoconus and cataract surgery, and futuristic approach and advancements.

The book gives a lot of information on the causes of suboptimal results and how to approach them. There are tables with useful nomograms for planning your surgery. There are also a plethora of pictures and videos to access online, which make it much easier to understand the surgeries and procedures that are discussed.

Post refractive surgery eyes, various IOL calculations and topography-based assessment are particularly well covered. Other chapters that are very well written include the chapters discussing complex surgeries such as IOL exchange, piggyback lenses and glued IOLs. The text also has some useful information on dysphotopsias, which is something very common and often overlooked. Something new in this book is information on the MiLoop cataract fragmenting device. It looks very interesting and the premise is simple. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of it in the years to come.

All in all, I would rate this textbook 4 out of 5. It’s a great read for anyone interested in improving their cataract skills.

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Abin Holla

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