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The textbook is a large, single volume that ideally needs to be desk or table-supported, as its sheer weight makes it virtually impossible to rest comfortably on ones lap. The book is compiled by its two lead authors and editors supported by a team of a dozen section editors, and an acknowledged list of numerous contributors from previous editions.

The book is organised into 12 parts, with each page colour-coded for ease of navigation. The topics include, Genetics; Optics and Refraction; Refractive Surgery, Cornea and Ocular Surface Disease; The Lens; Retina and Vitreous; Uveitis and Other Intraocular Inflammations; Intraocular Tumours; Neuro-Ophthalmology; Glaucoma; Paediatric and Adult Strabismus; and Orbit and Oculoplastics. Each subsection is introduced by highlighted boxes that provide a definition, key features and associated features. There are ‘pearls’ of interest and informative tables liberally sprinkled throughout the book.

The illustrations, including photographs, scanned images and colour drawings are of exceptionally high quality. The online version at provides fully searchable text, downloadable image gallery, full reference lists for each chapter and additional text, figures and video clips.

The online video library, listed in the contents section, has a total running time of approximately two to three hours, and supports seven of the 12 sections. The videos focus predominantly on surgical techniques, however, there are also demonstrations of clinical examinations, e.g. the cover test, and clinical signs, e.g. various forms of nystagmus.

Access to the eBook version is free. It only requires the reader to enter a PIN provided on the inside cover of the book, followed by logging into, or signing onto, the website. The terms of the access, however, may affect its transferability, e.g. if a single copy is bought as a departmental reference.

This is undoubtedly an extensive textbook that should prove irresistible for browsing, being of interest to all ophthalmic practitioners including consultant ophthalmologists, staff grade ophthalmologists, optometrists, orthoptists and specialist nurses.

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Shirley Hancock

Special interest in anterior and posterior ophthalmic imaging. Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham, UK.

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