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This is a single author published manual which aims to equip the novice reader with a short, yet comprehensive introduction to ocular examination and diagnosis. This book has a substantial history, having been first published 48 years ago, and is currently at its tenth edition, published earlier this year.

It appears that the author’s main target audience is general medics, although foundation doctors in the UK (interns), and allied healthcare professionals who may not have had extensive exposure to ophthalmology previously may find this book useful and relevant to their practice and understanding.

The book consists of 10 chapters in total, with 40 new images added throughout the latest edition of the text. The earlier chapters of the book provide a succinct medical history relevant to ophthalmology (covers relevant past medical history, drug history, allergies and family history of eye disease) and the basics of measurement of vision and refraction. It integrates and links relevant histology, imaging and both diagrammatic and live-images of clinical signs and presentations of common conditions in neuro-ophthalmology, external structures, the orbit, glaucoma, uvea, the retina and vitreous in separate chapters. It also covers slit-lamp use for examination of external ocular structures – namely the cornea, conjunctiva and sclera. This is discussed in good detail, each with a dedicated chapter in the book.I for one am a visual learner, and what stands out to me is the excellent use of figures and tables.

Ophthalmology is largely a visual speciality, and in this book 215 of the 216 pages of core content contain at least one table or figure / image. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and would recommend this manual to readers wanting an overview and general understanding of ophthalmology in order to link the basic anatomy and science with the clinical environment.

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Kusy Suleiman

Birmingham & Midland Eye Centre, Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust, Birmingham, UK.

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