The Fourth Edition of Eye Surgery in Hot Climates by William Dean and John Sandford-Smith has made a debut at a time when there is a surge of interest in global ophthalmology amongst novices and experts alike. Both authors have considerable expertise of working in the developing world and share with us simple and cost-effective procedures that are useful in a low-resource setting and reflect the latest best practice. The earlier chapters tackle methods of sterilisation, infection control and local anaesthetics. Cataract is the leading cause of correctable blindness.

The section on cataract is devoted to extracapsular and sutureless small incision cataract surgery, their complications and management, with a small section on intracapsular cataract extraction. Subsequently, glaucoma and its surgical management is discussed. The chapter on eyelid surgery covers the basic principles and techniques of correction for entropion, trichiasis and ectropion. Management of ocular trauma, burns and injuries are described well. Methods of conjunctival flaps, pterygium removal with graft, corneal graft, optical iridectomy, corneal rotation and removal of subconjunctival loa-loa worm are also described in the book. These measures can either be sight saving or lead to significant reduction of ocular morbidity. Basic techniques of lacrimal surgery, evisercation, enucleation and exenteration are covered.

The last chapter of the book is on principles of paediatric ophthalmic surgery. Illustrative diagrams and summary boxes complement the text. The book also contains a list of resources containing information and support. The DVD accompanying the book contains video demos on suturing, local anaesthetics, cataract surgery, trabeculectomy and lid surgery for trachoma. It also contains two quiz modules to test knowledge and understanding. This book can be used not only as a surgical guide but is useful for all health professionals striving to eradicate global blindness. Equally, it can serve as a valuable library resource.

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