This book aims to provide guidance for nurses and healthcare professionals who are new to ophthalmology and acts as an introduction to many of the basic care standards when dealing with the ophthalmic patient. It is in A4 easy print format and is also available for download in ebook format.

The chapters are separated out to include specific procedures such as testing visual acuity, medications, the outpatient setting, ophthalmic accident and emergency, and how to use specific equipement when carrying out tests for diagnostic purposes. Communication, patient education and history taking is also covered, albeit briefly. 

Ophthalmology is a huge area and this book is good as an introduction to the field of ophthalmology. It would be beneficial for the reader to have a basic background interest in ophthalmology as a starting point as the book includes some complex jargon which will prompt further reading to increase practitioner knowledge. 

There is a concise reference list and further reading suggestions to enable the reader to increase their knowledge in the areas needed. The structure of the chapters give the reader a standard statement, required resources, processes to follow and outcomes, which are repeated in each skills chapter. 

This book is easy to read, the chapters are clear and well laid out. The aim of this book is to provide benchmarks, assisting the practitioner to gain the basic background knowledge in this varied subject and give clarity to the most common procedures registered nurses, healthcare assistants and technicians will come across on a daily basis. A great introduction to the field of ophthalmology.

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Antonia Slater

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