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Medicel, a leading producer of lens injection systems for the medical sector, has announced its new state-of-the-art intraocular lens injector, which is set to revolutionise the safety and efficiency of ophthalmology surgery and drive new standards.

Designed alongside opthalmology surgeons, and created for easier, more ergonomic opthalmic surgery, Medicel’s Ergoject injector is a multi-purpose tool, suitable for a variety of ophthalmological applications.

The pioneering, patented surgical instrument will set new standards for ophthalmic surgery and make it simpler and safer. Furthermore, with its bespoke adaptation, ready-to-use documentation, and packaging solutions, Ergoject enables Intraocular Lens (IOL) manufacturers to be on the market with a reliable, high-end system within the shortest time-frame.

Ergoject is the first disposable screw injector made for single-handed operation. Its precise, force-reducing micro-gear combines the best of both worlds: the control of a screw injector and one-handed operation of a push injector.

This means Ergoject allows smooth and controlled injection of almost any one-piece IOL and can be used for a variety of eye procedures, including implanting: intraocular pressure sensors, capsular tension rings, intraocular lenses, artificial irises and can also aid corneal transplants.

Ergoject is an evolution of ACCUJECT PRO – a platform for preloaded hydrophobic and hydrophilic preloaded systems offered to IOL manufacturers. Ergoject maintains these features, and is fully compatible with the ACCUJECT PRO, but also offers surgeons improved ergonomics, increased grip and control, higher precision, and greater comfort. This also helps patients, allowing them to receive even safer surgery.

Designed to lie stable without unintended rotation between thumb and index finger, the gear driven plunger allows surgeons to screw or push with just one hand for complete control and easier operation.

Inspired by its home country’s pioneering, world-famous Swiss watch technology, Medicel focused on precision gears for its new injector. As a result, the Ergoject is designed with high precision and easy operation in mind. The Ergoject has an almost powerless transmission, meaning it doesn’t matter how fast or slow surgeons inject, it follows their direction, turning the operation wheel accordingly. What’s more, the power felt is only one quarter of that invested, making surgery less risky for both surgeon and patient.

Medicel is the exclusive manufacturer of this patented gear technology, which is available as back or top loaded, and with incision range from as little as 1.6mm ̶ 3.0mm depending on lens and diopter used. This year, two IOL manufacturers launched the preloaded IOL Ergoject at ESCRS 2019.

More than 20% of foldable intraocular lenses are injected with Medicel injection systems worldwide and Medicel produces several other single-use instruments for cataract and transplantation surgeries, which are used all over the world.




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