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A prospective study of patients undergoing trabecular micro-bypass implantation with iStent or iStent inject ® at the time of cataract surgery shows clinically and statistically significant improvements in ocular surface disease (OSD), including tear break-up time, corneal/conjunctival staining, and Ocular Surface Disease Index scores (OSDI).

These improvements were seen at three months following surgery. With the high prevalence of OSD in glaucoma patients and the increasing utilization of iStent and iStent inject ® in the UK and worldwide, this study shows valuable patient-centered benefits in addition to IOP and medication reduction.



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Schweitzer JA, Hauser WH, Ibach M, et al. Prospective Interventional Cohort Study of Ocular Surface Disease Changes in Eyes After Trabecular Micro-Bypass Stent(s) Implantation (iStent or iStent inject ®) with Phacoemulsification. Ophthalmol Ther. 2020 Dec;9(4):941-953

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