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A UK wide lockdown, combined with the cancellation of NHS and private practice, elective surgical procedures, means backlogs and prolonged waiting lists for sight saving surgeries.

As we prepare to return to a new normal and surgeries resume, we would like to remind you that Surgitrac is a trusted UK supplier of single-use products for cataract procedures.

Surgitrac’s flexible purchasing options allows it to offer unlimited combinations of instruments, supplied as cataract sets. Products are CE certified, manufactured to international standards, and dispatched direct from Surgitrac’s UK warehouse.

Single-use instruments help streamline procedures, facilitating faster set up. Use and dispose of: no need to re-sterilise between procedures.

Safer contactless customer support provided via phone, or video, removing the need for face to face visits.

Contact us now to discuss cataract surgery sets and bulk discount offers.



Surgitrac UK
T: +44 (0)161 776 7626

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