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The ViPerTM illuminated scleral indentor is an illuminated indentor unique in the world in its design and application purpose. The ViPer, Visible Periphery, significantly facilitates work in the periphery of the posterior eye segment thanks to its ability to indent and illuminate transsclerally at the same time. Simultaneous indenting and transscleral illumination allow the surgeon to work autonomously without requiring further support by additional OR personnel and provide the surgeon with a significantly enhanced view of the retinal periphery.

The ViPer is semi-transparent and therefore anti-glare and backscatter-free. The consistent illumination of the indented tissue guarantees a perfect view of the retinal periphery, while the finely rounded 360° tip ensures easy application and excellent mobility.

The ViPer demonstrates its numerous remarkable benefits particularly in its applications at peripheral tissue layers. It can be used ideally to remove the vitreous base or to check the area for foramina.


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