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Holoxica has been working with surgeons at the University of Hamburg-Eppendorf Eye Clinic (UKE) to produce holograms and animations of various ophthalmic surgical procedures, including cataracts, PK (Perforating Keratoplasty), DMEK (Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty), VItrectomy and Buckle surgery. These will be demonstrated on the latest 3D Light Field display, which can show real-time 3D animations that are fully interactive.

Students and medical trainees struggle to understand the underlying details and fine structures behind the anatomy from conventional 2D sources. 3D visualisation normally requires AR/VR goggle, which is inconvenient in a teaching environment. Holoxica’s digital holograms and Light Field Display system provides a solution to this problem, allowing easy and intuitive presentation of complex information. Holoxica started out by making static digital holograms for medical anatomy training at the University of Edinburgh’s medical school. This includes a 2m hologram of a human skeleton complete with muscles, arteries/nervous system and internal organs. Over the years, Holoxica has holographically imaged the entire human anatomy. They are now turning their attention to surgery and dynamic content. 

Dr Khan, MD, Holoxica recently gave a talk at the Eye News Symposium on Holographic
3D Visualisation of Eye Anatomy and various Surgery Procedures.


View Dr Khan’s presentation here:

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