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Haag-Streit UK is pleased to announce the launch of the Eyesi Slit Lamp gonioscopy module in the UK.  The new gonioscopy module offers trainees visualisation of the iridocorneal angle, as well as examination training for the anterior and posterior segment of the eye.

Pathologies available in the new gonioscopy module include; pseudoexfoliation syndrome, iris nevus, iris melanoma and elevated venous pressure. Users can also practice grading of the chamber angle with the Shaffer-Kanski grading system and Spaeth classification system.

The Eyesi Slit Lamp training courseware allows trainees to examine virtual patients with both healthy eyes and clinically relevant pathologies. These cases are based on real patients, have detailed clinical case histories and have been reviewed in close co-operation with university eye clinics. The new gonioscopy module will complement and enhance the existing fundoscopy and anterior segment training the Eyesi Slit Lamp offers.

The Eyesi Slit Lamp, from Haag-Streit Simulation, is a high-end diagnostic training simulator for ophthalmologists and optometrists. Its virtual reality technology is integrated into the original hardware of a BQ 900 slit lamp model and simulates all functions of a real slit lamp. Trainees can examine virtual patients with the biomicroscope, fundoscopy lens and gonioscopy lens.




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