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The Enigma self-contained mobile operating unit creates a secure and safe environment for local anaesthetic procedures, on a temporary or permanent basis, at hospitals and community based medical practices. The unit was designed by experienced NHS surgeons, Martin White and Ross Kelly, who recognised the need for a cost-effective solution that would facilitate the temporary expansion of operating space, thereby addressing the significant NHS waiting times for cataract surgery and other local anaesthetic procedures.

Significantly more cost-effective than alternative models, the unit takes a matter of hours to deploy and enables services to be provided quickly and under tariff. The unit has been designed specifically to minimise vibration to the microscope and operating field and offers a one-way flow system to support high-volume, walk-in walk-out cataract lists.



At the heart of the unit is a spacious operating theatre, complete with all the facilities needed for a fully functional facility in line with hospital standards. Around this space are the supporting features including a reception, consultation room, clean utility, dirty utility, disabled toilet, disabled lift, plant room and discharge lounge.

The contemporarily styled unit is designed to provide a sense of reassurance for patients as well as practicality for staff. It is secure, HTM 03-01 compliant and includes HEPA filtered clean air delivered to the theatre space at a rate that facilitates high flow lists.

Visit our website to take a virtual tour through the unit.

What you need

A hardstanding area measuring 7-metres x 14-metres

  • Vehicle access 7.2-metres wide and height clearance of 5-metres
  • A three-phase electrical power supply
  • A data and phone connection
  • A water tap



Enigma Medical Solutions Ltd
T: +44 (0)1228 272009

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