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We are pleased to announce the arrival of our latest squeeze-handle microincision instrument: the 1-695 IOL scissors, designed to cut Acrylic IOL implants and priced competitively at £550. These scissors complement our growing microincision range which reaffirms our unwavering aim of keeping surgeons at the leading edge of ophthalmology by offering our valued customers premium quality titanium reusable ophthalmic instruments to improve patient outcomes, whilst promoting sustainability.

We manufacture an extensive range of reusable instruments from high-grade titanium alloy, conferring substantial advantages when compared with stainless steel alternatives, including being lightweight, non-magnetic, non-corrosive, non-reflective and durable. Our full range, with pricing, can be found on our website:

Adapting to an ever-changing world and environment we continue to evolve our unparalleled customer service for hospitals, treatment centres, independent providers, and their surgeons. Building on the successful launch of our latest catalogue, we have now redesigned our website to illustrate best sellers, incorporate user-friendly comparison charts, and introduce 360° product images. It has never been easier for our customers to find their ideal instruments, along with prices, to add to their basket for order submission.

Want to know what you could save by investing in our instruments for cataract surgery? Visit our website and use our interactive cost-saving calculator to identify which instruments you require, find out the overall cost and see what you could save by choosing titanium reusable instruments in preference to single-use, to help build a sustainable future by reducing waste.

Keep an eye on our website throughout 2021 to be part of exciting new developments!

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