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Cataract if left untreated can have a detrimental impact on patients’ quality of life.

Surgitrac instruments offers single-use cataract sets that help streamline procedures.

Single-use sets help reduce both, set up times and the risks associated with cross contamination, removing the need for reprocessing.

Surgitrac sets contain a selection of ophthalmic instruments, required to perform cataract surgeries.

We offer a choice of straight or curved, MICS Rhexis forceps, plus; Rampleys, scissors, Kratz Barraquer speculum, Hoskins forceps, McPherson forceps plus a double-ended Phaco chopper/ Mushroom manipulator.

Surgitrac procedure sets are competitively priced and delivered direct from our UK warehouse.

Contact us to discuss your requirements for cataract surgeries or to request a sample



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