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Altacor are pleased to announce the launch of two new products. The range has now been expanded to include 0.2% preservative free sodium hyaluronate options to treat mild to moderate dry eye, sitting alongside our existing Clinitas 0.4% products for treating moderate to severe dry eye.

Altacor have launched this product range to cover the growing market need of treating first line, mild to moderate dry eye. Clinitas® 0.2% and Clinitas® Multi 0.2% are available as cost effective products for both the NHS and patients to buy.

The product range gives patients choice. UNIT DOSE OR MULTI DOSE.

Each unit dose vial can be resealed, whilst our multi dose bottle is intuitive and user friendly. Both Clinitas® 0.2% products are preservative free and suitable for use with contact lenses.

The new Clinitas 0.2% products are part of a wider range of dry eye solutions and blepharitis treatments from Altacor. Other products include Clinitas® 0.4%, Clinitas® Gel and the Clinitas® Eye Compress. All products can be prescribed or recommended to buy over the counter or online.

Resources available on request - please contact us to find out more.


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