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Mr Alex Day,
Private Eye Consultant & Ophthalmologist, 
MB BS (Distinction), BSc (1st Class Hons),
PhD, FRCOphth, MRCOphth,
DRCOphth, CertLRS, PgDipCRS (Distinction).

In the UK, almost half a million laser cataract surgery & treatments are carried out every year. Cataracts tend to affect the older population, especially those in the over 65 age bracket. At any age, however, there are some tell tale signs to look out for that indicate you may be starting to develop them. Read on to find out more about the common signs that indicate their presence.



Glare or Halos

This is a likely sign you have cataracts. If you suffer from glare when in sunshine or from streetlights or car headlights at night, then one of the most likely causes is the onset of cataracts.

Blurred Vision

Suffering from hazy or blurred vision despite wearing glasses is also a strong indication that you may have cataracts. Although there may be other causes, you should certainly consider the possibility of cataracts.

Rapid Prescription Changes

If your glasses prescription changes, then it is probable that cataracts are the underlying cause.

Double Vision From One Eye

Experiencing double vision can occur for many reasons. However, if it is especially noticeable in one eye, such that you still have the double vision when the other eye is covered, then the likely cause is the development of a cataract. If this double vision goes away when either eye is covered, then it could suggest a problem with eye movement and usually needs an urgent assessment by an eye specialist.

Poor Night Vision

In low light levels, all vision is not as good as it otherwise would be. However, if you think other people can see better than you at night, you need a bright light on to read or you see halos or fuzz around the headlights of cars, then these symptoms could mean you have cataracts that need to be addressed.

Mr Alex Day is a leading cataract and laser vision correction surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, a world renowned centre of clinical excellence for eye care.



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