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Effect of caffeine and low intensity endurance exercise on intraocular pressure

This placebo controlled, double blind, balanced crossover study reports in healthy individuals that 30 minutes of cycling caused a maximum of 2.7mmHg lowering of IOP. A caffeine dose of 4mg/kg 30 minutes prior to cycling negated this effect. The conclusion...

Accuracy of intraocular lens power calculations in paediatric eyes

A study comparing the accuracy of the SRK II, SRK/T, Hoffer Q, Holladay 1, T2 and Super formula in predictive refractive outcomes in children undergoing primary IOL insertion into the capsular bag following cataract surgery. A total of 377 eyes...

Practical application of cataract risk stratification

This study assessed the practicability of a risk stratification system, the New Zealand Cataract Risk Stratification (NZCRS) in a major teaching hospital. The scoring system was as follows: three points for Dense cataract, pseudoexfoliation (PXF), phacodonesis, previous vitrectomy and only...