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Microdroplet and splatter contamination during phacoemulsification in COVID-19 era

Half a millilitre of fluorescein was incorporated into 400ml of balanced salt solution to identify microdroplet and splatter from phacoemulsification to simulate possible COVID-19 contamination. Five porcine eyes were mounted to an ophthalmic mannequin head and two surgeons (height 189cm,...

Switchover study from Botox to Xeomin for facial dystonia

This study carried out in the UK compared the clinical effectiveness and efficiency of switching patients from Botox® injections to Xeomin®. This was carried out in 20 essential blepharospasm, 12 hemifacial spasm and six aberrant facial nerve regeneration patients. Patients...

Surgical outcomes of isolated medial rectus palsy

Isolated medial rectus is a rare clinical entity. This prospective study of 32 patients from China showed that this was caused most commonly by iatrogenic injury (43.75%), trauma (37.50%) and congenital (18.75%) causes. An average of 60 ±25 prism dioptres...