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Telemedicine retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) screening

The Auckland Regional Telemedicine ROP network utilises wide-field digital imaging for ROP screening. Results are from 2006-2015; 1181 infants were screened over three neonatal intensive care units; 83 infants with ROP were identified. Screening rates increased over the 10 years...

Telemedicine strategies in ophthalmology: harnessing established and emerging technologies for lasting solutions

The author considers recent progress and shares insights from leading practitioners in telemedicine applications and digital technology strategies. Amidst COVID-19 and combined mitigation and suppression measures, hospitals and clinics have responded rapidly to strengthen telemedicine strategies and virtual healthcare services...

Patient and clinician view of telemedicine for neuro-ophthalmology consultations when in-person is not possible

The authors present a linked survey sent to patients and neuro-ophthalmologists after a consultation with one of 12 neuro-ophthalmologists from three centres in the United States, over a three-month period in 2020. All consultations were offered virtually due to restrictions...

Refractive Surgery - Where are we now?

Chaired by Bita Manzouri.

ROP screening criteria

This study aimed to describe a process of identifying birth weight and gestational age screening guidelines in Mongolia using telemedicine for retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) screening. This was a single centre prospective study collecting data from December 2016 to January...

Ophthalmology practice during COVID-19

The purpose of this study was to share the experiences in treating paediatric ophthalmology patients during the pandemic and to report institution guidelines. A flowchart was devised for telephone triage and subsequent follow-up of patients through telemedicine or face to...

Now, more than ever, communication is important to eye health.

To support our eyecare providers and your ability to provide care for your patients during this time, Topcon Healthcare is providing eye care professionals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa FREE access to our advanced telemedicine solution, Harmony.

Orbis launches podcast and vodcast series exploring cutting edge tech

A new podcast and vodcast series exploring cutting edge tech to curb rise in preventable blindness has been launched by international eye health charity, Orbis.

Management of large hypertropia due to lost inferior rectus

This case report outlines the management strategy for a 37-year-old male who suffered a penetrating left orbital injury with rupture of the inferior rectus muscle, optic nerve avulsion and vertical deviation of about 90PD. On orbit exploration, the inferior rectus...