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Healthcare insurance influence on surgical outcome

This study sought to determine whether outcomes for simple horizontal strabismus surgery differed for children with supported medical assistance (MA) compared to children with private healthcare insurance, with an assumption of lower socioeconomic status (SES) in the MA group. This...

Genetic profiling for personalised healthcare solutions in AMD – an update

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a multifactorial condition influenced by genetics and lifestyle factors (Table 1). This article outlines several recent advances in AMD genetics, as well as evolving therapeutic concepts and established practical measures for the treatment and /...

Virtual reality is revolutionising healthcare

From mental health therapies to surgical training, virtual reality is revolutionising healthcare, finds GlobalData.

BVI to donate PPE to healthcare workers

Ophthalmic device manufacturer BVI has redirected its efforts and supply toward the COVID-19 response.

Healthcare Science (Ophthalmic Imaging) Degree Apprenticeship for Employers

Hear from the team at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and about how degree apprenticeships from University of Gloucestershire have helped their department.

OP-ED: How and why local healthcare providers can expand their services

Staffing shortages, financial constraints, and an ongoing rise in demand: none of these factors remove the need for high-quality healthcare, yet combined they threaten its realisation.

MP Andy Carter officially opens community healthcare clinic in Warrington

Andy Carter, MP for Warrington South, has officially opened a brand new community ophthalmology hospital which promises to improve patient choice in the area.

3rd World Congress on Primary Healthcare

Developing community eye care: the evolution of Wales’ eye care services

In the third in our series about community eye care in the home nations, David O’Sullivan explains how Wales has developed its community eye care services. Since the devolution of healthcare to Wales on 1 July 1999 [1], significant changes...

Med Sales Academy: Introduction to Medical Device Sales

We are serious about providing you with more than a course, we offer you a framework for success and a support network as you embark on a career in medical sales. Our Online Introduction to Medical Sales Course is aimed at Graduates, Healthcare Professionals and Professionals, who are keen to pursue a career in the Medical Device or Pharmaceutical Industries.