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AOP fee reduction for members amidst coronavirus crisis

The Association of Optometrists (AOP) has announced a 20% reduction in membership fees for UK practising members, which is the equivalent of two monthly direct debit payments.

CBM: Saving Sight during Coronavirus - A live update from eye surgeon Dr Ute Dibb in Zimbabwe

@7pm Join CBM for a free online event to hear from Zimbabwe about the impact of Coronavirus pandemic on work to prevent blindness. To launch the Light up Lives appeal, Dr Ute Dibb from CBM partner Norton Eye Unit in Zimbabwe, and Godwin Kudzotsa from CBM Zimbabwe will join CBM UK’s Kirsty Smith to talk about the impact of Coronavirus in Zimbabwe. Hear first-hand about how the pandemic has affected their work and how the Light up Lives will help tackle avoidable blindness.

What's trending Jun/Jul 2020

Here in the UK, we’ve been in lockdown since 23 March 2020, with much of the rest of the world entering degrees of lockdown since February-March 2020. COVID-19 has dominated the headlines and social media, so without further ado, I...

COVID-19 and the eye: a review of ocular involvement and protective strategies

A lot of attention has been placed on the use of face coverings to limit COVID-19 transmission, but there has been less focus on ocular involvement and ocular protection strategies. The author reviews the literature and discusses possible solutions. The...

Eye News - Covid-19: Useful resources

This list will be updated as new sources of information emerge – let us know if there’s any resources we should be listing here by emailing

Do patient demographics influence AMD clinic attendance during COVID-19 lockdown?

The authors assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on adherence to scheduled clinic appointments among age-related macular degeneration patients in a clinic in North Wales. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly affected the population, affecting economic and social wellbeing, whilst...

CBM launches the Light up Lives appeal

CBM has launched a fundraising appeal to improve access to sight-saving treatment in Zimbabwe, and until 20 May all public donations will be doubled by the UK government.

The 2020 Milgram Experiment

Will ophthalmology recover from COVID-19? Learning Curve columnist Gwyn Samuel Williams shares his thoughts on the developing impact of the pandemic “It’s busy today,” the nurse in green chuckles. “There are six patients I think.” Six. This clinic is designed...

Toul Mobile - Prevent Airborne Contamination in your practice

Are you concerned about your safety, your colleagues, staff and patients due to Covid-19? Trying to do everything you can do limit the spread?

First UK doctor dies due to Covid-19

An ear, nose and throat consultant has become the first UK doctor confirmed to have died of coronavirus.

Haag-Streit offers free downloadable breath shield template

Haag-Streit has offered users a free downloadable breath shield template for its slit lamps.

AOP urges drivers to see an optometrist about vision concerns

The Association of Optometrists has reminded motorists to contact their optometrist if they have concerns about their vision.