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The Association of Optometrists has reminded motorists to contact their optometrist if they have concerns about their vision.

The Association of Optometrists (AOP) issued a press release to remind motorists that if they have any concerns about their vision, they should contact their optometrist, at their local opticians, before driving a car or vehicle.

With an estimated 2900 road casualties caused by poor vision every year the AOP runs an annual road safety campaign, Don’t swerve a sight test, designed to encourage all drivers to think about their vision and driving.

In 2019 the AOP reported that almost 40% of optometrists in the UK see as many as two patients a month who continue to drive despite being told their vision is below the legal standard and one in 20 UK motorists admitting they’ve doubted their own vision yet done nothing about it.

Dr Peter Hampson, Clinical Director for the AOP said: “We are seeing a rise in the number of people who have a disregard for how important good vision is for driving ability and it’s impacting the safety of the individuals who use our roads.

“Sight loss can often be gradual, and can go unnoticed, so if you’re a driver and have concerns about your vision, while routine sight tests are currently suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, most practices are open for essential and urgent eyecare and will be able to offer advice over the phone.”