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OCULUS: Pentacam® AXL Wave - Going beyond Standard Cataract Refractive Care

Join this session to learn the role of the Pentacam® AXL Wave in elevating the Refractive Cataract Process. @17:00 (GMT)

Alcon Europe, Oftalmo University and ESASO Interactive Webinar Course 3: PRE-OP. SURGERY. Eye care for you

Alcon Europe working with Oftalmo University and the European School of Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology (ESASO), are bringing together leaders in ophthalmology from across Europe for a series of interactive educational webinars, every Thursday in March at 6pm UK time. All are free to attend. Your Patient’s View is a 4 episode series that aims to explore key aspects in the different phases that a patient goes through in cataract surgery.

High quality retinal image grading and management service by the NetwORC UK

In 2004 a network of three ophthalmic reading centres in Belfast, London and Liverpool (known as NetwORC UK) was established to form the largest reading centre in Europe for the purpose of providing high quality grading of ophthalmic images for...

E-Dobson card for visual acuity

The authors assessed the utility of an electronic Dobson acuity card which can be altered for spatial frequency. Thirty-six infants and toddlers aged 5-36.7 months were recruited – equal females and males. Fourteen had high refractive error. The card is...

Farnborough International Airshow 2022 partners with Orbis UK

Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) announces Orbis UK as its official charity partner for 2022.

DIY IOP – does it work?

Measuring intraocular pressure (IOP) plays a major role in glaucoma care as IOP is a parameter, along with visual field progression and optic disc cupping used to assess treatment effect. While Goldmann tonometry (GAT) is the gold standard, it only...

Deal With It card game

‘Deal With It’ is a pack of scenario revision cards. The game is designed to act as a study and training aid for optical professionals. The rules allow a user to self-test or can be used in pairs or in...