Glaucoma UK is pleased to announce that applications for its Health and Social Care Professionals Research Award are now open.

This award is open to health and social care professionals, such as nurses, optometrists, orthoptists, vision scientists, psychologists, and others, to further research into glaucoma and related conditions. With up to £50,000 available, this grant provides an exciting opportunity for health and social care professionals to contribute to our understanding of this important condition. The award is not open to ophthalmologists, making it a unique opportunity in the charity’s grants portfolio.

The research supported by this award can be laboratory or clinic based and should aim to advance our understanding of glaucoma or related conditions. Glaucoma UK encourages patient-oriented research and research that is directly concerned with improving the management of glaucoma.

Joanne Creighton, Chief Executive of Glaucoma UK, said: "Glaucoma UK is committed to supporting and advancing research into glaucoma and related conditions. We understand the vital role that health and social care professionals play in glaucoma care, and we are proud to offer this unique award to further encourage their contributions. We look forward to seeing the innovative and important research that this award will support."

Previous recipients of this award include Dr Jonathan Denniss, whose study measured pupil reactions to flashes of light driven by intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells to investigate whether this might be a useful test for glaucoma. Dr Denniss said: "We are grateful to Glaucoma UK for providing the funding for this study and for continuing to be willing to take a chance on early-stage research such as this. After all, every major breakthrough started out as an early-stage idea needing funding for investigation."

Visit to learn more and apply for this award. The deadline for applications is 30 May 2023.