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Eye research: where next?

Eye research in the UK is underfunded relative to other areas of medical research and general awareness of sight loss and its prevention remains poor, messages that were reinforced in presentations and discussions during a recent research summit meeting in...

Fight for Sight continues to promote eye research

Eye research charity Fight for Sight has announced its latest project funding and its plans for continuing its efforts to advance eye research in the current global health crisis and beyond.

“Robot performs cataract surgery on patient!”

Simerdip Kaur takes a look at the latest ophthalmology-related news stories and asks which are scientific reality and which are ‘fake news’. Headline: “Robot performs cataract surgery on patient!” Twenty-five years ago when Eye News launched, a news headline such...

25 years of OCT

David Huang first described optical coherence tomography (OCT) in 1991, in his seminal paper on the subject in Science. This method developed the work of others on ophthalmic interferometry, which essentially showed that measuring reflected light could be used to...